Psilocybin for Compassion Fatigue and Post-Traumatic Stress in Healthcare Workers (Research Appraisal)

by Jake Mitchell Written while I was a student at Centennial College – Addiction and Mental Health Worker Program (Special Populations Course). Introduction Most healthcare and mental health workers are likely to experience a form of post-traumatic stress or compassion fatigue during their career.  According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada more than 40% […]

Dignity in Death – Using a comparative literary analysis to advocate for terminally ill patients’ “right to die”

Dignity in Death Jake Mitchell Centennial College Abstract This essay analyzes the way that Norman Cousins contrasts the perspectives of religion, society, and rational thinking about suicide in his essay, “The Right to Die”.  The right for patients to end their life when they are suffering unbearably from a terminal illness or have no quality […]