Quick Naloxone (Narcan) Training for Overdose Response Roxanne Hallal and Jake Mitchell

Counselling, Consultation, and Training Services

  • Trauma-informed, client-centered approach to addictions and mental health concerns
  • Crisis intervention and trauma-related disorders
  • Bio-psycho-social-PLUS approach to mental health
  • Frontline experience in Emergency Medical Services, harm reduction, and community mental health
  • Medical Cannabis advocacy and wellness consultations
  • Education and training for groups or workplaces

For information on counselling & consulting services: jmitchell.services@gmail.com

Background and Experience

Registered Social Service Worker (RSSW)
Addictions and Mental Health Worker (AMHW)
Health Promotion & Harm Reduction Worker
Primary Care Paramedic (AEMCA)
Accredited C.P.R., First-Aid, and Basic Life Support Instructor
Mental Health First Aid Instructor (Mental Health Commission of Canada)

I am a Clinical Case Manager for a community mental health team. I also practice as a Registered Social Service Worker (RSSW), providing counselling and consultations for those with concerns surrounding mental health and substance-use. This includes work with first responders, non-profit organizations, marginalized populations, and frontline community involvement. Along with my case management work, I provide harm reduction, crisis intervention, social services and overdose response at a Supervised Consumption Site in the City of Toronto. I also train frontline workers in emergency response and crisis intervention. I use my experience to inform organizations by enhancing addiction and mental health awareness and organizational capacity to support the struggles faced by so many.

My goal is to increase mental health awareness and resiliency among communities and workplaces. This includes developing and delivering effective, evidence-based training on mental health and substance-use topics. I create customized workshops to enhance mental health resilience, peer support, and the capacity to support those in psychological distress. I have developed engaging evidence-based workshops such as Mental Health Awareness, Mental Health & Crisis First Aid, and Mental Health For First Responders.

I built a strong foundation of clinical experience assisting critically ill and injured persons as a Primary Care Paramedic. During that time I developed emergency response expertise, crisis management skills, an increased capacity assisting those with concurrent disorders, and understanding of how to navigate Canada’s healthcare system. My clinical practice as a paramedic combined with being an active harm reduction and mental health professional has promoted an open-minded, compassionate, trauma-informed approach to caring for others.

Offering certified training in C.P.R., First-Aid, Basic Life Support, Mental Health First Aid, and more!
Providing harm reduction, social services, and emergency response at the Safe Consumption Sites in Downtown, Toronto.

For information on counselling & consulting services: jmitchell.services@gmail.com

Welcome to our specialized training for First Responders that will increase your awareness and resilience around your own mental health and well-being; as well as build effective skills to provide peer support and patient care to those in distress. This training has been developed by a First Responder, for other First Responders and frontline workers. Topics and skills are explored from both an emergency response and peer support perspective. Participants of this training will learn and practice the steps to identify and assist individuals who are struggling with mental health problems, disorders, or experiencing acute emergencies related to their well-being. This training introduces more advanced skills and understanding to increase capacity to support individuals in crisis; while monitoring yourself to prevent burnout or compassion fatigue. This was developed to help prepare the volunteers of Boots On The Ground for effective peer support and building effective bio-psycho-social resources.
This is a presentation that I created for my fellow paramedics while working in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I decided to record it to share with as many first responders and healthcare workers as possible. I created this around two real life calls that I responded to, involving patients in acute psychosis. I intended it to be used as a lesson in using evidence-based crisis intervention and harm reduction tactics proven to enhance patient/provider safety.

For information on training and workshops: jmitchell.services@gmail.com