What Started Jake’s “Flight Of Thoughts”?

Flight Of Thoughts was started as a way for me to bring my passion for emergency medicine, addiction & mental health care, and evidence-based research together. My goal is to make training and education available to all who wish to grow in these areas of healthcare, as well as shift paradigms around how our culture navigates healing. I have several years of clinical experience assisting critically ill or injured persons with Basic Life Support, exercising the Primary Care Paramedic scope of practice; under controlled delegation by physician and through the Nova Scotia College Of Paramedics. During that time I developed crisis management skills, assisting those with concurrent disorders and managing life threatening symptoms, while building a bio-psycho-social perspective. I have growing experience with case management, structures relapse prevention, harm reduction, overdose/withdrawal management, and other mental health practices. I have first hand experience with my own struggles which have allowed me to overcome and assist others.

My diploma in Addiction and Mental Health Work has allowed me to specialize my expertise. This growing experience has allowed me to form an open-minded and empathetic, trauma-informed approach to caring for patients and clients. I keep up with continuing medical education and constantly seek ways to improve my clinical practice. The Flight Of Thoughts podcast was started as a platform for me to explore these areas of interest, in hopes of igniting passion and open conversation among listeners.

I am currently teaching Basic Life Support skills, Mental Health First Aid, and various addiction/mental health workshops. I also work at a Supervised Injection Site in Toronto, specializing in harm reduction, crisis intervention, and overdose response. I have built my clinical experience as a Primary Care Paramedic in Emergency Medical Services, with research appraisal and peer support. I exercise my mental health crisis expertise while volunteering with Boots On The Ground; the 24/7 service available to any First Responder who is in crisis or need of peer support. https://www.bootsontheground.ca/

Registered Social Service Worker (RSSW)

Addiction & Mental Health Worker (AMHW)

Primary Care Paramedic (PCP, A-EMCA)

Instructor for C.P.R., First-Aid, & Mental Health First-Aid

Cannabis Health & Harm Reduction Advocate

Host of the Flight of Thoughts podcast

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This is a presentation that I created for my fellow paramedics while working in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada). I decided to record it to share with as many first responders and healthcare workers as possible. I created this around two real life calls that I responded to, involving patients in acute psychosis. I intended it to be used as a lesson in using evidence-based crisis intervention and harm reduction tactics proven to enhance patient/provider safety.

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